Pigeon Review may 1980 Tippler Issue

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I was looking through my old pigeon box the other day and found a copy of Pigeon Review May 1980 It is a Tippler Issue,Tons of great articles ,Lots of useful info on tipplers .I can make copy's if anyone wants one.


May 1980 special
That issue is a great one. I personally think it is the best. I have probably more than one copy myself and one day I'll pull out a copy and put it up for bid. Perhaps some one would like to have a copy. The articles are indeed the best. Thanks for making photo copies available for those who would like to have. Michael

By Kitbox

Hey Mike,If you do have an extra issue of the May '80 Review I sure would love to have it i only have a photo copy somebody sent me years ago and its not to clear in some places,so check it out when you get a chance ,let me know what you want for it,Thanks Bruce

By BruceK

I would love a copy bruce I would re-emberse you the postage cost if it is convenient to send me a copy. To Dennis champness 40 firtree close patchway bristol .england bs34 5es

By dchampness

Tell ya im gonna do i will run of a copy and send it to you ,but instead of you reimbursing me maybe you could send me something in trade,reimbursement will not be necessary someone in the tippler world sent me that copy for free so i an sending it to you free,It might be after the holidays before I can get to I ,but i will get to it as soon as i canDennis BruceK.

By BruceK

Hi Bruce it's Dennis from England the postal service in America must be rubbish because I haven't received a copy of the magazine you were going to send me well not yet any way hope you find d time to reply yours dennis

By dchampness